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Slurry Nurse Tank
Slurry Nurse Tank

Nurse Tank Options

21ft      -     40m3    -    10ft High

28ft     -     60m3    -    10ft High

33ft     -     70m3    -    10ft High

Standard Information

80mm Axle 8 Stud

385/65 - 22.5 Wheels

Full LED Lights

2 fill pipes with 4 locations for filling on both the right and left handside.

1No. Rear suction pipe

2No. Front suction pipes

Access into tank by using aluminium ladder

Ladder fully removable from tank

Slurry Nurse Tank

Hydraulic lift axle to prepare for driving position.

Gravity fed pipe inside tank to lift slurry over axle box.  This saves any trouble moving the pump once in use.

Only suitable for moving when empty.

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