Mobile Sheep Handling System
Mobile Sheep Dipper
S204 Tractor Drawn Dipper

2100 Ltr Tank (470 Gallon)

Single Axle

Decoy head yoke allows sheep to run up the ramp onto slip floor and entry into dip tank.

Large full draining tank allows draining pen to be emptied rapidly ensuring dipper is in full use at all times.


3200 Ltr Tank (710 Gallon)

Twin 8 Stud Axle

32ft x 8ft

1500mm Deep swim round tank

Twin dripping pen

Twin exit ramp

Long lead up ramp with walk way to assist loading.

Decoy head yoke sloping floor into dip tank ideal for large flocks, allowing for high through-put

Mobile Sheep Dipper
Mobile Sheep Dipper