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Agricultural Products

Calf Creep Feeders


Our wide range of calf creep feeders are suitable for all your need's.  Adjustable or fixed bar openings.  Plastic bird kits available.

Other Cattle Feeding

10ft bunker feeder.JPEG

Standard Bunker Feeder's with adjustable height leg's.

Galvanised Double Troughs available

Bull Beef Feeder

Range of Bull Beef Feeders.  Single and double sided.  Static and mobile - 500kg to 9000kg

Cattle Handling Equipment

Mobile Cattle Handling equipment.

Cattle Feed Trailer


Cattle Feed Trailers are built in various sizes from 14ft to 25ft.  Diagonal and horizontal bars available.

Calf Catcher

Available in 3 different sizes.  Hydraulic lift axle for drive position.

Cattle Containers


16ft x 8ft

Internal Cattle Division with slam lock.  Full width entry door.

Sheep Feeders


Lamb creeps and Hogg feeders available in various sizes from 200kg to 2500kg.  Static and mobile.

Sheep Feed Trailers

Sheep Feed Trailers are available from 8' up to 20' at either 3'6" or 4'6".

Snacker Feeders


320kg capacity Snacker Feeder.

Plastic Hopper with easy snap shut lid for fast turn around.

Flotation wheels.

ATV Trailers

ATV Road Legal Trailer - 7' x 4'.

Sheep Handling

Standard trailer complete with 10' race.

15 x 5' part sheeted rail hurdles.

Mobile Sheep Dipper

2100 Ltr tank on single axle and 3200 Ltr tank on twin axle.

Flat Trailers

Flat bale trailers available from 21' to 32'.

Plant trailers available with capacity of 16 tonne and 24 tonne.

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