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Mobile Sheep Handling System
Sheep Handling System / Mobile Sheep Pens
Mobile Sheep Handling System / Mobile Sheep Pens

Standard trailer complete with 10ft race.

15ft x 5ft part sheeted rail hurdles.

Front and rear guilotine gate (fitted when in working position).

Two centre shedding gates to allow three way shedding.

  • 900mm Diamond date and frame

  • 1525mm Diamond gate and frame

  • 1525mm Barred Hurdle

  • 1525mm Sheeted Hurdle

  • 1014x470mm Drop gate

  • 1014x470mm sheeted drop gate

  • 750mm Outrigger Leg

  • 900mm Spreader frame

  • 450mm Spreader frame

  • 450mm Guillotine gate

  • 580mm 4-way connector

  • 480mm 2-way connector

  • 580mm 4-way Ob-round connector

  • 480mm 2-way Ob-round connector

  • Pins

  • Head Yoke

  • 3048mm Sheeted Hurdle

  • 610mm Race gates

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